Sep 13, 2008

A few * SENTI * dialogues... and A google trap

GTalk... Everybody knows about it. I mean everybody who is using internet. Its very hard for anyone to use internet and not fall in the google trap. It happened with me too.

Back in college when GMail account was available only on invitation, it used to be a good thing to have one. Quite reasonable given that it was offering 1GB mail-space compared to meagre 15MB hotmail that time.  I don't remember which came next Orkut or Gtalk or this blogger. But somehow it happened that I used the same id to open orkut account, then to talk on Gtalk and then to write blogs too.

Sometimes it comes to my mind how vulnerable we are becoming on internet giving so much data to one particular company. (Food for thoughts ??) Anyways thats not why I am writing this blog.

Yesterday I was chatting with one of my old schoolmate on GTalk and got surprised by seeing his status message on the same. It was..

When They Asked Me What I Love Most About My Life, I Smiled And Said YOU!

Knowing that he cant write this kind of heavy stuff by his own and also after ending my curiosity about his being Mr. Lovelace, I did some  google and in process read some of the most amazing one liners, which I thought to share with you on this blog space. I call them SENTI stuff and am pretty sure even you feel the same whenever you witness something similar in any movie or any romantic novel.

Some of them are....

One day u will ask me: Wat is more important to u, me or ur life? I will say: My life… u will walk away from me without knowing that U R MY LIFE!

"Sometimes the world gives me so many reasons to hate it...but whenever it happens.... I just stop and think of u n say, "How can I hate this world when you are a part of it..."

"Someone askd me if I MISS U..i didnt answer i just closed my eyes, smiled & walked away..then i whispered...SO MUCH...!!!"

If the only possible way we can be together is in my dreams, then I'll sleep forever!!!

And the most recent one, which was again a status message for someone on Gtalk is..

Love has always been in the air, but lazy people like me take care for only oxygen !!!


  1. Dear, i remember you 'd also put up a senti status msg on your gtalk :)

  2. Status message was originally designed to convey to the world their current status. But now people just put anything as their status. I once tried to compile a random list of the status messages of gtalk friends and it yeilded interesting results. Link is here

  3. Sab Maya hai. What else.. And Nishant, a good colection that is and especially

    "Outside ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there"